Simone Massoni

From My Sketchbook - By Simone MassoniFrom My Sketchbook - By Simone Massonis.t.o. fanta booklet - by Simone Massonisifrago font - by Simone MassoniSee Ya in the Water - Pattern - By Simone Massonichicks & wheels - By Simone Massoni12 famous fairytales in pieces - By Simone Massonigulliver's travel illustrations - by Simone Massoni

All images by Simone Massoni / SketchThisOut

The work of Simone Massoni is spread across graphic design, pattern design, animation, motion graphics and illustration for fashion brands. He did however start out as an illustrator for children’s books, and I think even in his current work a certain playfulness, innocence and a touch of humour still are present. This is what I absolutely love in his many different projects. He says a lot of inspiration comes from just watching people, overheard conversations or the ambiance / mood of the various locations he finds himself in.
The Italian artist also founded his own brand, SketchThisOut, which he uses to collate anything that is visually stimulating in various formats from booklets to calendars.

More of his great work can be found on his website:

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