O Marchel Aae

O Marchel AaeO Marchel AaeO Marchel AaeO Marchel AaeO Marchel Aae

O Marchel Aae

O Marchel Aae is an artistic team created by the renowned Hong Kong hairstylist Matt Chiu. The brand uses unique concepts within fashion, but explores other artistic media adhering to the creator’s philosophy.

About the creator:

Matt Chiu studied interior designs in 1996 and fashion related courses. While he remains his interest in hairstyling he became a hairstylist in 1998. Later on, the designer started his own salon, the Xenter Hair. Having spent years on the salon work however made him lose vitality in his design career.


In 2010, he decided to start a fashion brand O Marchel Aae, hoping his beloved fashion will bring inspiration to himself. He aims to regain and bring his lost sense of design up once again. Matt is a dedicated Buddhist and has strong interest in philosophic way of thinking. His fashion work reflects these thoughts of him about life, expressed by the usage of different kind of fabrics and design techniques. O Marchel Aae emphasizes on the process “experimenting, seperating and recomposing”.


The team now is formed of 4 creative artists filled with curiosity, passion and enjoyment.

More about O Marchel Aae visit: www.omarchelaae.com

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