Whyred was born out of the need for a brand embodying the modernist credo of dress wear for the stylistically conscious. The idea was to develop a distinctively personal elaboration of mod culture’s street-smart elegance.

Whyred was and still is about raising aesthetic awareness and creating new expressions. With the vision of building a label that could give the consumer a modern experience and exceed the expectations with regard to design and quality, friends Roland Hjort, Lena Patriksson Keller and Jonas Clason founded Whyred in 1999. The name came from chief designer Roland Hjort’s grandfather, the prominent Swedish artist Sven ”X” Erixon. Asked in a radio interview in the early 50s to tell his favourite colour, Sven answered: ”Red”.”Why red?”, the interviewer retorted. Known for his rich palette of colours Sven dryly quipped:”Well, blue then”.

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