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As many a freelancers will attest, lunch is by far the most skipped and sorely missed meal of the mid week hustle. So today after skipping breakfast and quickly losing my composure to hypoglycaemic beyond-hunger spasms, I staggered down the steps of an atmospherically-lit New York-vibe bar bistro for a late lunch.
Sitting at the bar I was greeted by something sorely lacking in this city (I originally hail from the Americas), good service. The bar tender was knowledgeable, approachable, dexterous, and above all straight down to the task at hand. While mixing a Boulevardier {the bourbon based cousin of the Negroni}, he read the situation perfectly, asking, “you look hungry mate, what can I get you?”, “you got a burger?” I replied “you’re in for a treat “ he said “one royal with cheese coming right up!’
The Lucky Chip burger is a perfect hybrid of quality and greasy fast food. Aged beef patty, American cheese, pickles, iceberg lettuce and ketchup all slammed between a sweet brioche bun. This rare treat offered no less than 100% utter satisfaction.
Coming to my senses, I noticed that all the while I had been scarfing down my food the skilled barman had been mixing up a storm. Extremely happy to mix off the menu he recommended to me a:

2oz single malt
1/4 oz Laphroaig
3/4 oz fresh lemon juice
3/4 oz honey – ginger
stirred and strained into a rock glass

Giant Robot’s {GR} array of cocktails really took me by surprise, It used to be known as the Match Bar opened in early 2000 it was known for a place to get a solid cocktail that was mixed with care using fresh ingredients and house bitters. This tradition is upheld and GR acknowledges its roots with a plaque about the bar.
Take a look at the adorable Menu!
If you have a craving for quality diner food and a drink mixed with care do yourself a favour – skip the pubs and overpriced eateries in the area and head straight to Giant Robot.
Text & Photos by: Emile Denichaud
Giant Robot
45 Clerkenwell Road
Tel: 020 7065 6810

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